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Our Vision

Intercordia Canada is a non-profit organization that partners with Canadian universities in order to offer students a unique, university accredited, engaged-learning experience. The goal of this innovative learning program is to encourage moral responsiveness, develop respect for diversity and a valuing of other cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds that will enable Canadian students to attain a well-educated solidarity with others who are different.

What People Are Saying

"Through my volunteering, work and life experiences I have taken the first steps towards true peace by accepting and valuing people of other cultures, abilities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds."

— Krutika Patil | King’s University College | Ukraine | 2007, Read More

"I learned a lot about myself and all the things I am capable of. It dared me to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace the unknown. I have become more adventurous, confident and open-minded.... it has given me a drive to live life to its fullest and appreciate everything that comes to me."

— Angele | St Jerome’s University | Nicaragua | 2007, Read More

"Intercordia was meaningful for me because it removed the misconceptions and illusions regarding the “other”. The experience in Ghana humbled me, encouraged me to be a good listener and a life-long learner."

— Heidi St. Amand | St Thomas More | Ghana | 2007, Read More

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