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The history of the organization Since 1996, Land Stewardship Centre of Canada (LSC) has been bringing together diverse stakeholders to work on common priorities for achieving sustainability on the landscape. Over its long history, LSC has established a solid reputation for fostering effective networks and partnerships, developing resources and supporting the establishment of grass-root stewardship organizations to promote and apply the principles of stewardship.

The mission of our organization Our mission is to legitimize stewardship. So what does this really mean? It means demonstrating that stewardship is the way to produce desired results. It means working with and developing resources for people to help improve their understanding of healthy ecosystems, supporting community-based stewardship efforts, and encouraging the development of practices and implementation of policies that support sustainable resource use. Enabling people and organizations to become better stewards – that’s what we’re here to do.

The services we offer We work directly with individuals and organizations who own, have a vested interest in, or who use and are responsible for managing land and its associated resources. LSC enables people to not only understand the importance of healthy ecosystems but how to apply the stewardship ethic to their particular situation through the development and delivery of relevant and usable programs and resources, including:

Our key accomplishments By supporting the efforts of community stewardship groups, as well as understanding and helping to address the needs of land owners and land managers in a practical and useful way, LSC has been able to strengthen the connection between stewards and legitimize the practice of stewardship.

Now envision an organization that helps bring this all to life – the Land Stewardship Centre.

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