Lifepoint Canada

Registered Name: Lifepoint Foundation Canada

Business Number: 823570189RR0001

There’s always a way to make the world better.

LifePoint Canada allows donors to turn unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies into generous gifts to the charities of their choice. Once you donate your life insurance policy, we pay the ongoing premiums and reward you with a tax credit that, in some instances, will allow you to recover a large portion of the premiums you’ve already paid. Connect with us to see if your policy qualifies.

You give. We pay. Charities thrive.

LifePoint Canada is a registered Canadian charity designated as a Public Foundation. Our purpose is to help registered Canadian charities thrive by allowing seniors to turn their unneeded life insurance policies into gifts for a higher purpose. Charities across Canada are staffed by wonderful volunteers and supported by generous donations and yet, they continue to struggle financially, uncertain about their long-term capability to provide for those in need. Our mission is ensure they thrive and are sustained over the long-term.

Through LifePoint, your idle policy is transformed into an ongoing legacy of support for Canadian charities who, in turn, support hospitals, schools orphanages, churches … many great causes that make our world a better and more caring place.

Imagine … turning life into legacy

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What People Are Saying

"I hadn't thought about my old life insurance policy in years. It was just a small policy that I didn't need anymore so I decided to give it an eternal purpose."

— Tom R.

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