LIFEWATER CANADA - Sponsor a Water Well in Africa or Haiti


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Stop COVID-19 by giving Clean Water to Wash Hands!

You can help shorten this pandemic by providing critical support for vulnerable countries who are poorly equipped to effectively respond to this unprecedented health crisis. Your donations to Lifewater Canada will increase both awareness and capacity for handwashing, physical distancing and reduction in underlying conditions among the most vulnerable people in the world. Every time you turn on the TV or radio, you are hearing reminders that frequent handwashing is critical to protect your health and help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Growing concern is focusing on developing countries where people cannot follow these basic instructions because they have to carry safe water from distant sources.

Your support is urgently required to keep Lifewater Canada teams helping vulnerable people in Africa and Haiti get the safe water they need to wash hands and reduce the number of people crowding around existing handpumps.

During these unprecedented times, you can help reduce the world-wide spread of COVID. Your donations to Lifewater Canada will make a difference by:

* drilling wells to reduce crowding at existing handpumps

* repairing broken handpumps to sustain existing water supplies

* teaching people how to reduce COVID-19 spread through physical distancing

* instructing proper hand washing to improve local health & hygiene

* distributing facial masks to Hygiene workshop attendees as well as patterns for each village to make their own

* educating people to recognize COVID-19 symptoms and how to respond

As our Prime Minister has said, participating in global aid concerning COVID-19 is not just a question of altruism but of doing the right thing for Canadians. The possibility of resurgence of this virus is linked to our helping nations who are less able to handle preventative measures.

Concrete actions in vulnerable countries is needed and we have feet on the ground in this international war on COVID-19!

Help flatten the global curve and lessen the social and economic cost of this disease.

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