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COVID-19: Street Project

Our unique position to bring people and resources together

Lionhearts has a significant delivery network and very close relationships with our partner agencies. This has positioned us to be able to bring together a wealth of expertise, a surplus of various resources as well as an army of well-trained and carefully-screened volunteers. We are excited to announce the creation of an innovative and safe initiative to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: Lionhearts Meals To-Go.

Through collaboration with our local partners and volunteers, Lionhearts Meals To-Go provides a variety of resources throughout our community. For the next number of weeks, we will be stationed at the following locations for 1 hour daily to provide everyone who stops by with some great take-home meal options including grab-and-go snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh bread and pastries, hot chocolate as well as a point of entry (listening ear) to access other required emergency services.

Lionhearts Meals To-Go Locations and Times

1) McBurney Park (a.k.a. Skeleton Park) at 157 Ordnance Street in Kingston (started on Wednesday March 18, 2020)

A Lionhearts mobile unit will be stationed at McBurney Park in downtown Kingston serving meals to-go from 6pm to 7pm daily. Fresh socks/towels, warm clothing, personal toiletries are also available at this location.

2) Kingston Community Health Services at 263 Weller Avenue in Kingston (started on Monday April 6, 2020)

Lionhearts has partnered with KCHS’s Weller location to prepare and distribute meals to-go onsite that are available for pick-up from 5pm to 6pm daily.

3) Morningstar Mission in Napanee (started on Monday March 30, 2020)

Lionhearts has partnered with Morningstar Mission in Napanee to deliver meals to-go packages 3 days per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Please contact Morningstar Mission for distribution details.

What will it take to help out our friends and neighbours?

We have taken a portion of our reserve fund and early financial contributions to get this initiative started, but we need additional financial support to continue expanding this project. As the situation continues to evolve, we need to have the necessary resources available to support those in need. To ensure that this is accomplished in the safest way possible, we are procuring products only from HACCP certified supply chains. That means we are required to purchase supplies and restrict product donations. This is more expensive, but it is the only safe solution available to us right now.

Please consider donating today to change the lives of our most vulnerable friends and neighbours. At times of great uncertainty, becoming a monthly donor is one of the best ways you can help people experiencing homelessness in Kingston now and through the coming months. Monthly donations provide a predictable funding source for life-changing programs and services. We can plan ahead knowing we have your support. You can do this on the website donate page (specify the COVID-19: Street Project fund) or by sending a direct e-transfer to,(please reference the COVID-19 Street Project and include your name and address, if you would like a tax receipt).


Your help is needed. Thank you for partnering with us.