Little House Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Society

Registered Name: Little House Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Society

Business Number: 856514377RR0001

We are a Delta community Hub of services and resources promoting health and wellness through prevention, education, and collaboration with community stakeholders. We provide a comfortable, accessible and safe place for individual and family counselling, assessment and referral, recovery meetings, and peer-to-peer support.

What People Are Saying

"A blessing to my life is this wonderful little house. I may not have walked in the door if the Little House wasn't so welcoming."

— M.K.

"Without the Little House, I have doubt this would have happened - the recovery community is essential to Tsawwassen and I will continue to use the program offered to live a productive and happy life....."

— Diane V.

"The Little House has been a large part of my continuing sobriety. Thank you for the Little House and your continued support of same."

— Philomena M.

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