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The GROW Project

Our Mission

To provide 12 elementary schools around the area with knowledge about good food, community, and collaboration.

About The Grow Project

Students in Grades 4 to 8 participate in hands-on workshops where they plant, raise, and harvest vegetables in their school gardens while learning values of stewardship, and responsibility. Seven curriculum-connected classroom workshops complement their garden time, teaching students about food systems, social justice and food security, food and culture, and healthy gardens and cooking. 

What People Are Saying

“It makes me feel like we’re a family when we’re working together in the garden.” - Grade 5 GROW student

“Being in the garden makes me feel happy and relaxed. I like knowing that we’re not just growing for ourselves but for the whole community.” - Grade 5 GROW student

“Two of my kids have been through the GROW Project and each year when they’ve finished they’ve come home and started planting their own vegetables. This summer they had all sorts of things growing. I came home a few weeks ago and they were actually serving up salads from the garden. It’s so great.” – Parent of GROW Project student

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