Magdalene House Society

Registered Name: Magdalene House Society

Business Number: 836277251RR0001

Our Mission

Restoring hope and dignity in people exploited by human trafficking.

About Magdalene House Society

Magdalene House Society facilitates safe environments for the recovery of persons exploited through human trafficking by:

Influencing policy through dialogue with government, 

Building awareness through education and advocacy towards the elimination of human trafficking, and 

Providing a long-term care facility offering physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual services for persons exploited through human trafficking.

Values and Beliefs Statement

Magdalene House Society:

Believes that all human beings must be treated with respect and dignity;

Assists in restoring hope, trust, dignity and self-worth in persons exploited through human trafficking; and 

Our work is based on the 7 commitments of trauma-informed practice.

What People Are Saying

"I came to Magdalene House in 2015 broken, lost, angry, scared, alone and so damaged. I've been given a second chance. Magdalene House has saved my life. "

— Past participant

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