Nelson Youth Centres


Business Number: 119053395RR0001

Our Mission

Nelson Youth Centres provides child and family centred therapeutic services. These services are supportive and strengthen the abilities of children and youth experiencing emotional, social, behavioral and learning difficulties. Parents are provided services which teach and support them to be resources to their children.

Nelson Youth Centres strives to empower children, youth and families to maximize their strengths and to learn skills to integrate them into day-to-day functioning. By doing so, Nelson Youth Centres strives to prevent the occurrence of future difficulties

About Nelson Youth Centres

Nelson Youth Centres is an accreditated Children's Mental Health Centres offering therapeutic after school programs for Halton children, ages 7 to 14. Our friendly stress-free programs are carried out in small groups to ensure the best possible results for the child and/or family. Parenting programs providse an opportunity for education, skill building and support.

Our Vision is that children and youth achieve their full potential of emotional and social health and well-being, and thereby enable them to contribute to the wellness of their families and of our community.

What People Are Saying

"Our child is expressing himself more and has grown in each goal area. We’ve seen him blossom quite a bit since coming to NYC. It’s truly the best program/help he has ever been part of!"

— Parent of client

"They gave me the opportunity to realize that I was not the only parent with a challenging child. It also provided me with a little more confidence in the strategies I do use because of the interest of other parents."

— Parent of client

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