Our House West Coast Society

Registered Name: Our House West Coast Society

Business Number: 833016629RR0001

Our Mission

Drug and alcohol addiction presents a serious health and social problem to Canadian society.

The problem is compounded by the relation between addiction and homelessness. Because of circumstances arising from their addiction, addicts often live on the street. Conversely, persons living on the street for reasons other than addiction often resort to drugs and alcohol to find relief from the stresses and difficulties of their style of life.

By promoting a recovery program based upon mutual self-help and self-awareness, the Our House West Coast Society attempts, within the limits of the resources at its disposal, to address these problems of addiction and homelessness as they are found in Vancouver.

About Our House West Coast Society

The Society leases and furnishes a house in Vancouver, maintains the property in good order, provides board and amenities for residents (usually fifteen in number), appoints an unpaid program coordinator to reside at this location, to supervise the household, and to operate the healing program, raises awareness around issues of addiction and homelessness through contact with persons on the street and through education and connections with other community groups, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations, assists the residents in seeking help from government and non-government agencies, and publishes literature to promote its purposes.

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