Pediatric Glaucoma & Cataract Family Association


Business Number: 892684960RR0001

Our Mission

The PGCFA’s mission is to promote the quality of life for children with glaucoma and cataracts, and their families, by providing:

- Education

- Resources

- Expert information

- Support

About Pediatric Glaucoma & Cataract Family Association

The PGCFA is an association of parents and health care professionals who deal with the daily challenges of pediatric glaucoma and cataracts. Created at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, the Pediatric Glaucoma Family Association was formed in 1993 to fulfill a need for interaction and information sharing between parents and children with glaucoma. Led by volunteers, the organization expanded in 2000 to include families of children with cataracts, who are also in need of information, education and support.

Children with glaucoma and cataracts are at risk of having impaired vision or even blindness. The therapeutic interventions taken during infancy and through early childhood development are critical to the child’s quality of life. The nature of pediatric cataracts and glaucoma requires a team approach. On a daily basis parents, children, and their medical practitioners need to form a team to work together.

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