Pink Warrior Foundation for Cancer Research

Registered Name: Pink Warrior Foundation

Business Number: 819745498RR0001

Pink Warrior® Foundation would like to thank all their supporters across the years.

As of 2019 the Foundation has long exceeded their original goals and has made the decision to close.

History of Pink Warrior®

To us, it's personal. 

Pink Warrior® Movement began in 2005 when Fiona was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her diagnosis had been delayed for months, as her doctor had believed that women in their 30's were to young for breast cancer. And so her one small tumour from the size of a frozen pea to become two tumours with each about the diameter of a tooney.    

Things started out small when she began making jewelry to thank family and friends who were supporting her journey and battle against her cancer. Then people were asking to buy these bracelets, orders came in and friends jumped in to help. Her husband, Kelly, suggested they add just $5 to the cost and donate that to an upcoming local marathon for breast cancer. This was the beginning and founding of "Pink Warrior" shortly after they trademarked the wordmark Pink Warrior and the logo as well.

Each year their goals and results grew as more people joined them in their unwavering dedication to the fight against cancer. More fundraising came in the way of events and product sales like cookbooks, t-shirts and more. We even started selling copies of the poem "Sea of Pink" which Fiona had written on the day she was diagnosed. This poem was later sold in CD mixed form with the song "Angel" (with Sarah McLachlan's permission).

Kelly and Fiona have stayed true to their mission and sharing their story to help others. We hope you will donate today to help them to raise more funds for awareness and research.

You can learn more about Pink Warrior and our fight against cancer online on our retail website at or in our survivor story/cookbooks; Pink Warrior® & Friends and/or Cooking Up a Cure© with Pink Warrior®.

Pink Warrior® Foundation, because when someone you love has cancer, you fight cancer too!

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