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"Go-to-School" Campaign - 2018

Campaign Ended Sept. 10, 2018

Girls in Northern Tanzania may not have heard of the ME TOO Movement but they certainly have the spirit of it. More and more, they are asking for what is rightfully theirs: an equal opportunity to go to school!

In a society where girls have traditionally been prevented from going to school, families are now realizing that education can enhance a young woman’s ability to support herself and her family. It can also greatly improve maternal and child health and ability to thrive.

Since 2007, TEMBO has made it possible for more than 300 girls to attend school. This September, as Canadian children return to school, help make it possible for Tanzanian girls to “go” to school.

$25 buys a dictionary, math and English textbook for a girl.

$85 outfits a girl in her new secondary school uniform.

$200 supports 10 girls for 1 week in our academic support programs.

Make a continuing difference in a girl's life for $350 (approx. $30/month) and outfit her with ALL of the necessary items required for her first year of secondary school.

$2,396 raised out of $5,000 goal

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