Registered Name: Restorations Second Stage Homes

Business Number: 817614779RR0001

Embracing Community Connection Fund designated to help survivors through COVID-19

One of our organizational values is “Embracing Community Connection.” We have long recognized the importance of community and connection, and during this time we recognize the way community and connection is being challenged for the Survivors we support.

With input we’ve collected directly from survivors, we have heard what is needed most during this time. The needs are similar to those we are all facing, but compounded because of social isolation, histories of complex traumas, and pre-existing financial insecurities. Survivors have voiced needs and challenges including:

  • Economic and financial support 
  • Social Connection
  • Counselling
  • Activities/items to occupy time and manage stress
  • Navigating logistical issues

Please consider giving a special gift that will meet the unique needs and challenges survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation are facing during this pandemic. Donations will go towards things like:

  • Providing gift certificates for food to help alleviate financial stress
  • Providing online opportunities for connection and support
  • Coordinating online counselling sessions with therapists
  • Purchasing practical items (books, activities, puzzles) to help occupy time and manage stress
  • Supporting our staff as they come alongside Survivors in navigating logistical questions