Saint John Volunteer Centre Inc.


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100% community focused   *   100% volunteer driven 

The Saint John Volunteer Centre is nothing if not resilient. Faced with a funding cut & complete overhaul of how we do things in 2014, the Volunteer Centre was reborn under an all new, skilled & motivated Board of Directors determined to take the SJVC in a new direction…100% volunteer driven, virtual, innovative & sustainable.

Automating our key process of volunteer matching and referral using BETTER IMPACT software was the key to addressing our need for efficiency.  The SJVC rolled out the new on-line platform to our member agencies and volunteers on February 14th, 2017

Measurable difference

The Better Impact Software will do, an estimated, 90% of the manual work that was done by our organization on volunteer matching and referrals thus freeing up our limited human capital. This will allow us time to explore the needs of the organizations we serve and innovate in other areas to help strengthen our community.

Collaboration and partnership.

In 2016, we have removed the previous annual membership fee in favour of a model where we will serve all nonprofits who desire our assistance. The previous fee model may have excluded many social enterprises with limited budgets…those perhaps most in need of our assistance.

Our goal is for donations to match or surpass the lost revenue from membership fees. In addition, and most importantly, it will create an environment where our donors are helping support our efforts rather than asking our already cash-strapped not-for-profit sector for a piece of their precious and limited budgets and thereby strengthening the capacity of each and every one of those agencies. In the short term, financial support of our BETTER IMPACT project will enable us to continue to evolve, innovate and build a stronger, healthier community.

On behalf of our Board or Directors, thank you for your support.

Stephanie Turner, President

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