Strays That Can't Pay

Registered Name: Strays That Can't Pay Inc.

Business Number: 813687936RR0001

Strays That Can't Pay is located in southern Manitoba in the Virden/Elkhorn area. 

Within 48 hours we were out at the first community with dog food and setting up feeding stations. That is how this all started - because of a text that I received about dogs packing up at a local First Nation Community. That was l November 25th  (2012). Since then, through education, information, support and guidance; no judgment no criticism; with mutual trust and respect - we go out and get involved with First Nation communities that need help with their out of control stray dog population. Inspiring change through leadership and by showing what needs to be done as opposed to telling people what needs to be done. Identifying stray pets from owned pets. Spaying/neutering, vaccinating and deworming owned pets to create a healthier dog population which in turn creates a healthier and safer community for the people as well. We try to rehome the stray dogs and if we cannot, they become community pets - they too are spayed/neutered vaccinated, dewormed and returned to families that will care for them. We work with families to help them keep their pets in their home- we are not there to take away everyone's dogs - that wont solve the problem - we are there to teach responsible pet ownership by working with them and showing them what they need to do to be a responsible pet owner.

 What we have noticed that since we started this program, people are caring more about not only their own pets, but other peoples pets as well. before, they used to see a puppy and walk by - now they are wondering if it is owned, if it is fed. They pick it up and take it to the volunteers in the community, or they call Strays That Can't Pay and ask what to do. people call if they have found an injured animal and we help provide emergency medical care. If an owner needs help, we help with the bill and ask they 'pay us back' by helping us fundraise in the community or through payment plan options that we work with the individuals to set. People are saying their communities are now safer to walk in, their children can play outside and parents don't have to worry about packs of dogs coming around and scaring the children.

 The environment is healthier because through vaccinations the risk of rabies has been lowered. With deworming, the risk of passing worms onto children and people has decreased. With spaying and neutering, the number of dogs not owned has decreased, making a safer community. This project shows people that animals are valuable. That they are not disposable. That if a stranger from outside the community cares so much, maybe there is something to it. They have welcomed us into their communities, passing out dog food, asking how we can help them and their pets. They return the kindness by smiling and waving as we drive through their communities. They call us when someone needs help or when a pet needs help. The potential this has for the communities is HUGE! We are teaching them how to start their own non profit registered charity so they can apply for grants on their own. They can build their own animal rescue shelters - start teaching other communities - lead and show by example! It's contagious - not only to helping pets, but people are now helping people that were strangers before! It's been the best thing we have ever done - helping people one dog at a time!

 Strays That Can't Pay works with multiple recues across Canada, networking the stray dogs or owner relinquish dogs to them to take into their care as well. We do adopt out dogs as well and are continually looking for foster homes so we can be able to bring more dogs in and save more. Fostering truly does save lives. We also rescue cats, have rescued a horse and a turkey! If you would like more information, would like to adopt, or like to foster one of our dogs or cats please email

What People Are Saying

"Rescue is my favorite breed."

— Anonymous

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