The Kindness Program


Business Number: 881727325RR0001

The Beatrice Watson-Acheson Foundation is a registered charity that provides teachers, with their dogs, free of charge, to present 'The Kindness Program', (Kindergarten to Grade 8) in the GTA, Barrie and Ottawa. 

Our lessons include:  caring and kindness to pets; the importance of spaying/neutering; respecting and showing kindness to people, animals and the environment; encouraging children to develop empathy and compassion for all life.

We have been offering our 'Values through Humane Education Program' for forty-one years.  The Beatrice Watson-Acheson Foundation is named in remembrance of the founder, J. Cameron Watson and his mother, Beatrice.  Beatrice was a very caring teacher, and Cameron, a Scarborough orchardist, both shared a love for all animals and nature.  These two kind and compassionate people sought to educate children and adults on issues relevant to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

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