Canadian Art Foundation


Business Number: 132945908RR0001

Canadian Art is the preeminent platform for journalism and criticism about art and culture in Canada. Our award-winning print, digital, educational and programming initiatives deliver smart, accessible ideas, stories and opinions. A national non-profit organization, Canadian Art develops and supports art writers, and engages with the work of artists, established and new. Most important, we empower diverse audiences to understand, debate and be inspired by art.

In addition to publishing in print and online, the Canadian Art Foundation also presents innovative events and educational programs including School Hop, Gallery Day, the TD North/South Exchange and the Canadian Art Encounters speaker series. This range of programs supports our mandate to engage audiences nationwide and address urgent and evolving issues through the lens of contemporary art and culture.

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Please see our donor benefits to learn more, or contact Andrew Harding at or (416) 368-8854 x110.

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