The Forge Church

Registered Name: THE FORGE (CHURCH)

Business Number: 108199720RR0001

Our Name: 

It is different, isn’t it? It was in answer to the whisper.  It meant stepping out on a limb, but we knew that we were supposed to do it.  We want to engage the whole community and it has allowed countless opportunities of dialogue.

The name has many meanings, many of which have given us direction and purpose.  To move forward; merge together; a special fireplace or hearth in which metal is heated before shaping; to fashion and mold with concentrated effort and care.  Historically, next to food and shelter, a forge was one of the most important elements in any attempt to plant a permanent settlement. Forges have traditionally been gathering places where visiting and other social activities happened.   It was a warm meeting place for villagers and travelers alike. 

We want to be that place.


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