The Learning Partnership


Business Number: 140756107RR0001

About The Learning Partnership

The Learning Partnership is a Canadian charity with a 25 year track record leading dynamic collaboration between business and education and government. Our goal is to prepare students in the Canadian public school system to learn and to thrive in a diverse, connected and rapidly changing world.

Our Mission

As the world enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is anticipated that the class of 2030 who are currently in elementary school will graduate into a market where 65 to 80% of jobs do not exist today.  Against this backdrop The Learning Partnership is undergoing an exciting transformation to meet this growing demand for students to learn how to be critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers, able to communicate across cultures to tackle complex global and local issues with creativity and resiliency. The Learning Partnership also seeks to support the growing demands and opportunities for educators to employ new approaches to learning and to their own development as educational leaders.

The central focus of The Learning Partnership’s programming is on entrepreneurial thinking and innovation as well as deepening social-emotional learning across all of our programming. While it is our systematic approach through experiential learning embedded into class curriculum from kindergarten through Grade 12 that differentiates us, it is the students and teachers who motivate us.

Our programs encourage students to see their education beyond the classroom, as an opportunity to engage in real-world situations and to find innovative solutions in their lives. Through our programs, learning is accelerated and students gain a deeper understanding of subject matter, encouraging them to build upon the status quo.

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