Windermere United Church


Business Number: 119299535RR0001

A community seeking to follow the example of Jesus by upholding the principle of love, peace, and justice. We strive to practice our Christian values and offer radical hospitality. We believe we are called to love our neighbours as ourselves, to celebrate God's diversity, and care for all creation. Our mission statement is "Open to Spirit, Open to You."

Windermere is also the home of the Stone Soup Network, Building Community, One Neighbour at a Time. 

Stone Soup Network helps build stronger communities by making it easier for neighbours to share with each other. Together, with everyone contributing what they can, we create a more abundant community for all.

Stone Soup Network is a not-for-profit project operated as a service to the community. Everyone is welcome.

What People Are Saying

"Windermere members are celebrating after Arif Virani, their member of parliament, announced the federal government has granted residency status to a Roma family that had lived under “sanctuary” protection in the church for 18 months. “Advocacy works and you just proved it,” Virani declared."

— Arif Virani, Read More

"All of us are stereotyped in different ways. When we question preconceived ideas about what is acceptable, that benefits all of us. We can broaden the categories and be ourselves."

— Alexa Gilmour, Read More

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