Learn how to get the most out of your charity account!

We want to help you get the most out of the exciting tools and features available in your CanadaHelps charity account. That’s why we created this resource page, filled with easy-to-follow how-to videos that will walk you through the key steps. Learn how to create an impactful charity profile and campaign, get a Donate Now button for your website, manage funds, and more.

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  • Learn How to Manage your Profile on CanadaHelps.org
  • Learn How to Use Key Administrative and Reporting Features
  • Learn How to Use the Customizable Fundraising Tools

Learn How to Manage your Profile on CanadaHelps.org

All features here are available with a Profile Account and Full Fundraising Account.

  • Hundreds of thousands of Canadians visit Canadahelps.org every year to discover new causes and donate. Put your best foot forward and create an impactful charity profile. Learn how to add your mission and description, charity logo, photos and videos, suggested donation amounts, search categories, scope of mission, and more.
  • Learn how to create a dynamic campaign page to highlight a specific fund or project. Set your start and end date, add a fundraising goal, photos and videos, and more. You’ll also learn how to add your campaign to the CanadaHelps Gift Guide. We’ll promote your campaign on the campaign-browsing page on CanadaHelps all year around!
  • With impact pages, you can begin effectively measuring and sharing your organization’s impact. Share your impact story and outcomes of your work with donors on CanadaHelps.org. Your impact page will be accessible from your charity’s profile page. Watch this video to learn how to create yours.
  • This video features some of the beautiful impact pages created by charities that use CanadaHelps. Watch this video to get ideas and see how you can begin sharing your organization’s impact with donors.
  • Quite possibly, one of the easiest things that you can do to increase your discoverability on CanadaHelps is select your charity’s Search Categories and Scope of Mission. This will ensure that your charity profile displays in CanadaHelps search.
  • Learn how to upload your charity logo which appears on your CanadaHelps charity profile, custom donation forms, campaign pages and in emails that are sent to your donors.

Learn How to Use Key Administrative and Reporting Features

All features here are available with a Profile Account and Full Fundraising Account.

  • Learn how to create, edit and delete your charity’s funds on CanadaHelps.
  • We know that having donor information is important to your organization for timely and effective donor stewardship. Through CanadaHelps, you instantly receive full donor records for every donation made to your organization. Donor records can be downloaded for easy integration with your existing donor database.
  • In addition to the standard donation reports available through CanadaHelps, you can create your own custom donation reports that include the specific donation details you choose. It’s easy!
  • Thanking your donors who give through CanadaHelps has never been easier. With the new CanadaHelps Thank You Tool, you can send every donor a customized ‘thank you’ message with the simple click of a button.
  • CanadaHelps Connector allows registered Canadian charities to quickly and easily import donors and donations from CanadaHelps to Salesforce. By seamlessly integrating your donation data with your CRM, you can target your supporters more effectively understanding their full giving history. Watch this video to learn how to install and configure the app, and set up transactions.
  • Data has the power to transform and grow your fundraising program. Our Charity Data Dashboards provide you with an at-a-glance look at your fundraising results, insights on your new versus repeat donor mix, and a comparison of your performance versus other charities. In this video, we’ll show you where to find the Charity Data Dashboards in your CanadaHelps charity account.

Learn How to Use the Customizable Fundraising Tools

All features here are available with a Full Fundraising Account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one today.

  • Learn how to get your CanadaHelps Fundraise Now Button for your website, to get your supporters to easily fundraise on your behalf.
  • When your supporters click the CanadaHelps Donate Securities button on your website, they’ll be guided through the process of donating securities to your charity. It’s easy!

Custom Donate Now Tools

  • Learn how to create a customized donation form to accept donations online from your own website using CanadaHelps. Some of the benefits of using CanadaHelps customized donations forms include: one-time and monthly giving, full donor information, Google Analytics integration, personalized Thank You emails, custom branding options, seamless user experience, and more.
  • Donors can complete their donations without ever having to leave your website. Simply embed your customized donation form in any page of your charity’s website using the embed code provided to you. In this video, we’ll show you where to find the embed code in your CanadaHelps charity account. You can then copy and paste it onto your site where you want your donation form to appear.
  • Learn how to get your CanadaHelps Donate Now Button for your website, which will link to your CanadaHelps Custom Donate Now form.
  • Almost 10% of one-time donations through CanadaHelps are donations made in honour or in memory of someone, where the donor has opted to send a free eCard. Learn how to create and upload your own eCards to your Customizable Donation Forms using visuals that reflect your brand, mission and organization.
  • Learn how to add a personalized thank you message at the top of the donation confirmation emails that are automatically sent to donors by CanadaHelps. The donation confirmation email also includes the donor’s tax-receipt.
  • Setting up Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager with your CanadaHelps Customizable Donation Forms will help you track key visitor behaviour such as sessions by location and devices, average donation amount, unique versus repeat sessions and more. CanadaHelps now offers a free guide to help you do just that. Specifically, you will learn how to implement the tracking codes from these tools into your Customizable Donation Forms and configure your setup so that you can collect and analyze data that will reveal key information about your visitors.
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Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Solution

  • Thinking about launching a P2P walk, run or “thon” event? We’re here to help. A P2P event can be incredibly beneficial for your charity. It’s an opportunity to acquire new donors, raise significant funds, and deepen your relationships with your supporters. Join us to learn how P2P can benefit your charity, see how easy it is to launch and run your event with our powerful new solution, and gain tips for making your event a success.
  • Learn how to create a campaign using the new Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Solution on CanadaHelps. Launch events like runs, walks, and other “-thons” with ease, and empower your supporters to engage their personal networks to raise funds for your charity. Customize the look of your page, add photos and videos, invite team captains and individual fundraisers, and more.
  • Have a question that wasn’t answered in this video? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for Charity Admins.
  • See some of the exciting things your charity can do with the powerful new Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising Solution from CanadaHelps.Launch team-based events like runs, walks, and other “-thons” with ease, and empower your supporters to engage their personal networks to raise funds for your charity. Our robust solution provides everything your charity needs, including: extensive branding, customization, administration, and reporting options. Achieve all the advantages of peer-driven fundraising at a fraction of the cost of for-profit alternatives.
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  • When running a peer-to-peer social fundraising campaign, your charity may require supporters to purchase event tickets first. In this video, you’ll learn how to enable this feature so that your supporters must purchase their tickets prior to participating and fundraising.

Events Management Platform

  • From selling tickets to issuing tax receipts, running events is easy with Events from CanadaHelps! Save time and money with our easy to use, self-serve platform that eliminates the critical pain points traditionally faced when running galas, dinners, tournaments, and other events.
  • Watch this video to learn how to get started creating your event using the Events Management platform from CanadaHelps! Running charity galas, tournaments, webinars, and other events is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Designed for charities, the Events Management platform from CanadaHelps dramatically reduces administrative costs, enabling seamless online ticket sales, multiple ticketing options, and flexible split-receipts. Complete with real-time sales reports, automated event reminders, and simple at-event attendee check-in, Events from CanadaHelps takes the stress out of running events.

With the Events Management platform from CanadaHelps, you can customize and brand your event. Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Inspire attendance by telling your story with words, photos and videos on your event page.
  • Choose the brand colour palette, and add a marquee image to your event page and emails.
  • Customize your charity’s logo that appears at the top of your event page and in your event-generated emails.
  • With the robust ticketing options you get with the CanadaHelps Events Management platform, you can create the perfect mix of tickets to maximize your fundraising results. Watch this video to learn how to set up tickets for your event. You can set up free and/or paid tickets, and as many different ticket types as you’d like!
  • See how your supporters will interact with your event page from learning about your event and viewing attendees, to selecting their tickets and completing a purchase and/or donation.
  • Once you’ve launched your event, you can seamlessly manage sales and attendees, send personalized emails, resend tickets and tax receipts, download full reports, view your real-time dashboard, check-in guests, and more.
  • When setting up your charity’s event using the CanadaHelps Events platform, you can choose from three tax receipting options. Watch this video to learn about no tax receipting, instant tax receipting and post tax receipting, and what happens when you select each one.