Training & educational resources for charities

At CanadaHelps, we have a passion for building capacity and strengthening the charitable sector. Take advantage of our free charity training webinars, white papers and how to resources to advance your digital fundraising skills and more.
Watch past webinars
Watch our free webinars such as Holiday Fundraising: 30 Tips for Campaign Success, Strategies for Renewing First-time Donor Support, and Key Steps for Building a Major Gifts Program, all available on our Charity Life blog and CanadaHelps YouTube Channel.
Conquering your next event with CanadaHelps’ revamped Ticketed Events tool
Join our Charity Engagement team for a deep dive into the CanadaHelps Ticketed Events tool, which is optimized to make your event a roaring success, and is jam-packed with the latest easy-to-use features—from seamless ticket sales to convenient at-event attendee check-ins.
Beyond Fundraising: Is your charity ready for a digital transformation?
You’ve heard about “Digital Transformation”, but what does it really mean? (Hint: it’s not about technology!). Join Marina Glogovac, CEO of CanadaHelps, in this educational session as she discusses how to start thinking about digital transformation in your organization, the questions to ask, and what your organization can do.
What's New For Online Fundraising: Events and Peer-to-Peer
Discover the convenience and simplicity of our Ticketed Events and Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising platforms. Join the CanadaHelps Charity Engagement team as they get you ready for your next gala, golf tournament, run, or walkathon. Plus, be the first to know about new and exciting features!
5 Ways to Get the Most from The Great Canadian Giving Challenge
Join Lys Hugessen and Woodrow Rosenbaum from GIV3 to learn how to get your charity ready for the fifth annual Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Get 5 easy tips and real-life examples to kick-start your summer fundraising with a bang this June!
CanadaHelps Fundraising Tools For Any Occasion
Find out just how easy it is to inspire donations for any occasion—like Mother’s Day—using fundraising tools on
Take Your Events and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Online
Rally your supporters and learn how you can manage your charity’s next gala or “thon” social fundraiser using CanadaHelps’ all-in-one ticketed events and peer-to-peer social fundraising tools.
Boost Your Holiday Campaigns with CanadaHelps Fundraising Tools
It’s the giving season and people are likely visiting your charity’s website. Looking to increase donations via your website during the holidays? Learn how to optimize your online fundraising through campaigns created on both your website and!
Getting Ready for GivingTuesday 2018!
Join Woodrow Rosenbaum and Lys Hugessen from GIV3, and Nicole Danesi from CanadaHelps, as they present some exciting findings from the 2017 GivingTuesday Summit and show some tips on how charities can get creative with their initiatives.
Maximize Your Online Donations with Customizable Donation Forms!
Online fundraising doesn’t have to be so challenging. Boost your donations by creating a powerful, mobile-friendly CanadaHelps Customizable Donation Form in just one minute! From adding suggested donation amounts and offline donations, to embedding on your charity website, and customizing your Thank You email -- learn just how easy it is to set yours up, so you can raise more all year round!
Year-end Micro Fundraising Plan for Small Charities
Fundraising at the end of the year could be a daunting task. Oftentimes, smaller charities and non-profits tend to fall behind, mostly due to limited staff and resources. The key to finishing the year off strong is to hit the ground running as early as possible. This webinar with The Good Partnership walks through the fundamental building blocks to raise more money for your small charity at year-end.
Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign? The Tools You Use Can Make It or Break It
Don’t miss this critical webinar about the new online tools CanadaHelps launched to help you save hours of work, get more participants signed up, and streamline your campaign. It’s your chance to see the newly upgraded, powerful platform your fundraising teams will love getting their hands on.
Demystifying Data: How to Create a Data Plan for Small to Medium Sized Charities
Designed specifically for professionals working in the charitable sector with beginner to intermediate experience working with data, the on-demand webinar will begin with a Data 101 crash course and then dive into the steps required to plan your data strategy.
Online Q&A Session with Marina Glogovac, President and CEO at CanadaHelps
In this session, Marina Glogovac, CEO at CanadaHelps shares key CanadaHelps updates and answers charities' questions about CanadaHelps tools and services, online fundraising, evolving donation technology and everything in between!