Training & educational resources for charities

At CanadaHelps, we have a passion for building capacity and strengthening the charitable sector. Take advantage of our free charity training webinars, white papers and how to resources to advance your digital fundraising skills and more.

Watch past webinars
Watch our free webinars such as Holiday Fundraising: 30 Tips for Campaign Success, Strategies for Renewing First-time Donor Support, and Key Steps for Building a Major Gifts Program, all available on our Charity Life blog and CanadaHelps YouTube Channel.
2021 Digital Skills Survey Results: Are Canada’s Charities Ready for Digital Transformation?
Hear from CanadaHelps’ CMO, Shannon Craig, and VP of Data & Analytics, Shawn Bunsee, as they discuss the importance of digital transformation, our key findings, and next steps with a focus on securing investment in your charity’s digital transformation.
Meet the CanadaHelps Donor Management System
What's the real secret to getting more donations? Cultivating relationships! Inspired by charities and the essence of donor stewardship, our all-new Donor Management System (DMS) automatically syncs with all CanadaHelps fundraising tools, and is packed with everything you need to nurture your donors at any stage.
Beyond Events: Alternative Revenue Streams for Your Charity
It’s been a hard year without live events and you had to get creative, finding new ways to fundraise. That’s why we’ve transformed our Events platform. Watch this webinar to learn how can now diversify your revenue streams by selling merchandise and organizing virtual events.
Grow Your Summer Donations with the Great Canadian Giving Challenge
Summer doesn’t have to be a slow time for fundraising. This June, join the Great Canadian Giving Challenge and supercharge your summer donations! We’re here to help.
The Giving Report 2021: Online Giving Crucial During Crisis
In the wake of a transformative year for online giving, our 2021 Giving Report is an in-depth, data-driven examination of the insights, trends, and challenges facing you today. Hear from CanadaHelps’ Chief Marketing Officer, Shannon Craig, with VP of Data & Analytics, Shawn Bunsee, for insights and lessons learned from one year of fundraising in a pandemic.
Drive Summer Donations with the Great Canadian Giving Challenge
The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is back! This year, you could win $20,000*! More than a contest, the Challenge is a way to rally your supporters around your charity and boost your donations during a slow month of the year for fundraising.
Tap into More Revenue with Estate Giving
By 2026, Imagine Canada’s Chief Economist predicts the sector will need $25B to meet the rising demand for services. That means your charity needs new sources of revenue. Join our special guest, CAGP's Laurie Fox, to explore how estate giving could be your next revenue stream.
Search Ads 101: Turn Search Traffic into Donations
Looking to grow your donors? Join special guests from Google and the CanadaHelps team to learn how to use a Google Ad Grant for search ads to drive interested individuals to your site—and turn site visitors into donors.
From Reluctant Fundraiser to Fundraising Superhero: How to Feel Good Fundraising
What’s the real reason your small organization isn’t raising more? In this webinar, our guest Cindy Wagman (small-charity expert and co-host of the Small Nonprofit Podcast) shows you how to fundraise in a way that feels good and is more effective.
Online Donor Acquisition 101
Online giving is growing at a rapid pace. At CanadaHelps, we saw a 90% increase in the number of Canadians giving online in 2020. But the question is: how do you turn these donors into your donors? It all starts with an ironclad digital acquisition plan.
Fundraising in 2021: The Tools You Need to Master
Online fundraising has never been more important, and we’re here to set you up for success in 2021. Join CanadaHelps fundraising experts to find out which tools you should be using, and how you can optimize the way you fundraise.
Steward Your Donors into the New Year
In this webinar, CanadaHelps’ VP of Charity Engagement & Growth, Jacob O’Connor show you how to develop your donor relationships, which donor retention metrics to track, and best practices for communicating with your donors.
Last Minute Tips to Boost Year End Fundraising
Head into your year-end fundraising by optimizing your website and online forms to raise more. Join CanadaHelps’ fundraising experts Pilar Albisu and Tamara Rahmani to learn the best practices you need to drive more donations, track your campaign's ROI and year-end success, and acquire new donors online this 2020 giving season.
How to Use Donor Data to Supercharge Your Year-End Campaign
Who are your most valuable donors? How do you measure Return on Investment (ROI) for any given campaign? Join CanadaHelps’ Jacob O’Connor and Laura Dempsey to learn how to access the wealth of opportunity waiting in your donor data.
How Gifts of Securities Can Lift Your Year-End Donations
Donations of securities—like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds—can significantly increase your charity’s revenue and could pass potential tax savings on to your donors. Learn how you can capitalize on these bigger gifts.
Kick Off Your GivingTuesday Plan
Join experts from CanadaHelps, GivingTuesday, and Hockey 4 Youth to learn what you need to prepare for a successful GivingTuesday!
Everything You Need for Year-End Fundraising Success
The end of the year is just around the corner. Learn about the tools and tactics that can help you prepare for year-end fundraising.
Transform Your Next Fundraiser by Taking it Online
You can still host a successful fundraiser, even if it means engaging your supporters at a distance. Join us as we walk through how you can successfully take your next event or fundraiser online with CanadaHelps.
7 Ways To Optimize Your Fundraising Emails
Your fundraising emails can help you raise more online. Optimize your emails to welcome new donors and send more effective appeals to your subscribers by leveraging data-proven strategies.
Start Fundraising with Confidence with CanadaHelps
Everything you need to start fundraising online with CanadaHelps. Whether you’re new or need a refresher, join us to learn how you can quickly get set up and begin collecting donations online today.
Get the Most Out of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge
Back to celebrate its 6th year, the Great Canadian Giving Challenge is an exciting opportunity to engage with your supporters and acquire new donors. Every dollar donated during the month of June is a chance for your charity to WIN!*
6 Steps to Finding and Onboarding Corporate Partners
In this presentation, Brad Offman from SPIRE Philanthropy explains the six important steps of identifying and onboarding corporate partnerships for your charity.
Achieve Fundraising Success with Donation Forms for the Digital Age
With many traditional in-person fundraising methods being paused, a growing number of donations are being made online. Join us as we show you how you can set your website and donation forms up for fundraising success.
What Can We Look Forward To? Canada’s New Legacy Giving Campaign.
Set to launch in September 2020, Will Power promises to open-up $40B for charities across the country. Find out how Will Power is helping to empower the public and build-up the charitable sector, now and for many years to come.
Leadership in Uncertain Times
Join our panel as they discuss the leadership tips, organizational health considerations, and HR best practices you need to know to lead successfully through these uncertain times.
Special Webinar: Online Fundraising for a Virtual World
Join our experts as they walk through the online fundraising and marketing best practices you need to know to fundraise successfully right now.
Online Giving For Your Church During Uncertain Times
Join Lucas Froese in this informative webinar session on how your congregants can give online to your church during this critical time.
Fundraising During Uncertain Times
Like all of you, we are witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic unfold. Watch a panel discussion and live Q and A with fundraising experts and sector leaders on how you can weather the uncertainty.
Attract More Visitors to Your Charity's Website by Improving Your SEO
Join expert guest speakers Jason Sikora and Raz Dayvandi from The Search Agency, as they show how you can improve your charity’s SEO to attract potential donors to your charity’s website. Learn how you can evaluate your website, identify opportunities to increase visits from supporters, and drive potential donations.
Proven ways to attract and increase new donors through
Learn what it takes to get discovered by more donors using your free CanadaHelps charity profile, along with proven ways to strengthen its quality and effectiveness to garner donations.
Must-have online fundraising tools and tactics to master for 2020
Our online fundraising experts will take you on a deep dive of key features in the latest tools from CanadaHelps. See how you can manage ticketed events and run social fundraisers with ease. Plus, get a glimpse of great live campaigns from charities successfully using these tools!
Charity Spotlight: Learn how to launch successful urgent appeals and steward your donors
Learn how the Nova Scotia SPCA increased donations by over 7x and how they created a powerful campaign to tell stories, show meaningful impact, and inspire giving in support of their warm and cuddly friends.
Spark the Joy of Giving with An Impactful Charitable Gift Guide
This holiday season, learn how you can lift your year-end donations and spark the joy of giving by launching your very own charitable gift guide.
Conquering your next event with CanadaHelps’ revamped Ticketed Events tool
Join our Charity Engagement team for a deep dive into the CanadaHelps Ticketed Events tool, which is optimized to make your event a roaring success, and is jam-packed with the latest easy-to-use features—from seamless ticket sales to convenient at-event attendee check-ins.
Beyond Fundraising: Is your charity ready for a digital transformation?
You’ve heard about “Digital Transformation”, but what does it really mean? (Hint: it’s not about technology!). Join Marina Glogovac, CEO of CanadaHelps, in this educational session as she discusses how to start thinking about digital transformation in your organization, the questions to ask, and what your organization can do.
What's New For Online Fundraising: Events and Peer-to-Peer
Discover the convenience and simplicity of our Ticketed Events and Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising platforms. Join the CanadaHelps Charity Engagement team as they get you ready for your next gala, golf tournament, run, or walkathon. Plus, be the first to know about new and exciting features!
Maximize Your Online Donations with Customizable Donation Forms!
Online fundraising doesn’t have to be so challenging. Boost your donations by creating a powerful, mobile-friendly CanadaHelps Customizable Donation Form in just one minute! From adding suggested donation amounts and offline donations, to embedding on your charity website, and customizing your Thank You email -- learn just how easy it is to set yours up, so you can raise more all year round!
Demystifying Data: How to Create a Data Plan for Small to Medium Sized Charities
Designed specifically for professionals working in the charitable sector with beginner to intermediate experience working with data, the on-demand webinar will begin with a Data 101 crash course and then dive into the steps required to plan your data strategy.