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The Donation Process on CanadaHelps

It is important for you to understand the CanadaHelps donation process so you can explain it to your supporters and donors. Here are the donation steps:

  1. The donor chooses a charity either by linking through your Donate Now! button, searching on CanadaHelps, or through another Donation Source (like Charity Gift Cards, GivingPages, etc.).
  2. The donation gets processed by CanadaHelps.
  3. The donor receives confirmation of the donation and an electronic tax receipt.
  4. The charity receives notification of the donation by email.
  5. Donor recognition: the charity should log in to their CanadaHelps account once they receive notification of the donation to make sure that they recognize the donor in a timely way, and to fulfill any donor requests.

This demo shows you exactly what a donor goes through when making a donation to your charity: