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Give a gift that represents tangible ways that charities are making a difference this holiday season. Find gifts feeding people in need, providing education, protecting and caring for animals, and much more!
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More Charitable Gifts with Impact

Give a meaningful gift to your friends and family and while making an impact for many.
Dedicate your donation and help a loved one support a cause close to their heart.
Personalized eCard

Send a Personalized eCard

Make a donation to your loved one’s favourite charity in their honour. Simply find the charity, choose the design and make your donation to send them a personalized eCard in minutes. Plus, get a charitable tax receipt!


Charity Gift Card

Give a Charity Gift Card

A Charity Gift Card is the perfect meaningful gift. You choose the card design and donation value, and the recipient chooses the charity they want to donate to. Help your loved ones support their favourite causes and feel good knowing you’ve made an impact!