Boost Your Company’s Community Giving Program

Make your next charitable initiative a success by partnering with CanadaHelps. Whether you’re big or small, national or local, support one charity or a cause, engage employees or customers or both, together we can create a corporate giving program that works for you.

A Giving Program Perfect For Your Brand

Give Charity Gift Cards

The perfect way to thank or provide an incentive to employees, customers, or partners for any time of year, or any occasion.

  • Fully branded and turnkey.
  • Choose any value and your recipient gives it to any Canadian charity.
  • No expiration date.
  • Full value of gift card purchase is tax deductible.

Launch a Charity Fundraising Campaign

Inspire and empower employees, partners, and customers to give charitably.

  • Easily create a branded online fundraiser for any Canadian charity or group of charities.
  • Invite employees, partners, and customers to participate.
  • We do the rest! We process donations, issue immediate tax receipts, and send funds raised directly to the charity.

Support a Cause

Show your brand’s commitment to Canadian charities and causes by partnering with us.

  • Match donations to a specific charity or cause.
  • Sponsor special events or campaigns.
  • Make sure you’re there in times of crisis and show your commitment during our Crisis Relief campaigns.

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Why Choose CanadaHelps?

We have a proven track record of security and regulatory compliance

More than 3.5 million donors have given over $2.2 billion to charities using CanadaHelps over our 22-year history — and these numbers continue to grow! We have a long track record of excellence, regulatory compliance, and secure payment processing. Choose any charity, group of charities, or cause as the focus of your community giving efforts, and CanadaHelps will find the right way to bring your campaign to life.


We are a trusted, mission-driven charity

We’re committed to democratizing access to technology for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized charities. We enable the fastest disbursements, with no minimums, direct to charity bank accounts. For donors, we’re committed to make giving easy and accessible for all. Because we’re a charity, we only charge what’s necessary and every dollar goes to fulfilling our mission and helping Canadian charities – none of it goes to profit.

Select Current Partners & Supporters

We’re proud to partner with leading organizations in Canada and appreciative of the support we receive from our valued supporters. Together we are powering charitable giving in Canada.

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Give 3
Rideau Hall
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
RBC Foundation
Control Gap
Imagine Canada
MacKenzie Investments
Rasch Foundation
Your Cause
Protor and Gamble
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Lawson Foundation
Gore Mutual
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