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Donate Now! Button

Once you’ve registered with CanadaHelps, one of the first things you’ll want to do is add the Donate Now! button to your website.

What is it?

The Donate Now! button is the link that donors click to make a donation to your organization. All charities that are registered with CanadaHelps get a Donate Now buttons to make the online donation process easy for their donors.

Where do I get it?

Once your organization is registered with CanadaHelps, you can get the Donate Now! button in your MyCharity account, under the Link tab.

How do I add the Donate Now! button to my website?

Your Donate Now! button is made up of a button image and a link. When the donor clicks on the image, they follow the link to your organization’s donation page on CanadaHelps.

Once in the Link tab of your MyCharity account, you will:

  • Select the Donate Now! button image you prefer
  • See a piece of html code for that button
  • Copy and paste that full piece of code into the html files for your website, wherever you would like the Donate Now! button to appear
If you don’t know how to access or update your website with the html files, you can contact your web personnel or the person who usually updates your site.

If you use a website editor program to update and manage your website, you can still add the Donate Now! button to your site. Here’s how:

  • First, save the Donate Now! button image to your computer.
  • Next, copy the URL (link) portion of the html code only – this is the link to your donation page on CanadaHelps.org. The URL (link) will begin with http and end with CharityID=##### (don’t include the quotes).
  • The last step is to add the Donate Now! button image to your website editor program and link it to the URL.
For detailed instructions, please refer to your program’s help section or contact CanadaHelps.

Optimizing your Donate Now! button

Below is the video from a webinar (online seminar) that CanadaHelps offered about optimizing your Donate Now! button. Click to watch for some practical tips and examples for adding the Donate Now! button to your website and making it easy to donate.