Celebrating Small Charities Week

From September 12th – 16th

This month we’re launching Small Charities Week to help amplify the hard work and contributions of small charities that make a big difference in the lives of Canadians every day.

Why Small Charities Matter

While expenses and demand for essential services like food, childcare, and housing support are going up, charitable donations are going down. Small charities, which are at the forefront of these local initiatives, are being forced to do more with less. This impacts the quality of programs and services offered, limits the number of people who can be helped, and creates other barriers that make it difficult for these organizations to operate properly. Plus, with small teams of full-time staff, charity workers risk burnout as they struggle to meet unprecedented demand. Giving to small charities makes a significant impact by allowing communities and their members to grow, thrive, and survive during the hardest of times.

  • 1 in 4 Canadians expect to use or are already using charitable services in 2022 as many Canadians may expect to turn to charitable services to meet basic needs due to both the pandemic and inflation.
  • 25% of Canadians plan to give less to charities in 2022 due to financial strains caused by the pandemic, inflation, and other factors.
  • 14% of charities experienced a massive increase in demand from COVID and it’s become the new normal.
  • 23% of charities experienced a spike in demand from COVID and the demand has continued to increase ever since.

Together, we can help small charities thrive

Rally around your favourite small charities and help to heighten awareness of their work. Consider donating to a small charity if you can. Every contribution makes a difference.

Discover your new favourite small charity or give a boost to one close to your heart.