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These charities are dedicated to the health and wellness of Canadian children. Your donation will help these charities provide healthcare, fund critical research, advocate on behalf of vulnerable children, and provide support to children and their families. These charities are saving lives and helping children thrive.

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All children deserve access to the basic necessities of life, no matter where they are born. International children’s charities provide children around the world with nourishment, education, and critical healthcare they may otherwise not have access to. These children’s charities are helping children around the world.

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These children’s charities are fostering a love of learning in some of Canada’s youngest students. Give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in reading, science, math, and more by donating to these charities that are expanding young minds through education.

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Empowering kids to be all that they can be, these children’s charities are encouraging kids to reach their full potential through mentorship, after school programming, and other support programs.