Browse African charities supporting health and wellness.

Access to urgent and high quality healthcare is often the difference between life and death for most people who are facing life threatening medical conditions or severe injury. Your donation to these African charities can train medical professionals in local communities and provide essential medication and supplies needed to provide quality healthcare. Donate to help people in Africa today and help save lives.

Donate to African Charities Supplying Critical Food and Water

Support children living in Africa by giving to these charities.

Dedicated to improving the lives of African children living in impoverished communities, these charities are caring for children in need. Their work provides food, shelter, access to education, and the love and support every child needs. Your donation to these African charities will help provide critical support to children in Africa.

Improve access to education in Africa by supporting these charities.

Providing impoverished African communities with access to essential education, these African charities are changing lives through education. When you make a donation to these charities, you’re giving someone the opportunity to better their life with knowledge and skills needed to thrive.