Browse literacy charities helping adults improve their reading and writing.

Adults without literacy skills are often overlooked by society, as it is expected they would have learned these skills as children. These literacy organizations are working to ensure that adults have a safe space to develop literacy skills, so that they may have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Support these literacy charities and help children develop literacy skills.

Early literacy development builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of accomplishments. Getting children excited about reading at a young age only reinforces this strong foundation. Your donation to these literacy organizations will help to inspire children, exposing them to new dreams and possibilities through literacy.

Donate to these literacy charities and help improve access to books.

It is difficult to cultivate a love of learning or develop strong literacy skills without books. These charities run book clubs and provide access to books for children and families in need, reinforcing the importance of literacy and enabling a love of reading.

Support writing and creativity when you give to these charities.

Everyone has a unique voice with a story to tell. These charities support the development of writing skills and provide an opportunity for stories to be heard. Your donation will help to encourage diverse voices to share their stories through writing, promoting creativity and confidence.