Help refugees in Canada by supporting these charities.

Canada welcomes thousands of refugees every year. Your donation will help charities across the country support newly arrived refugees as they secure housing and employment, navigate the legal system and more. Help provide a sense of comfort and community when they need it the most.

Browse charities supporting refugees around the world.

There are millions of refugees around the world who are in desperate need of help. Your donation will help charities on-the-ground provide aid and basic necessities such as shelter, food, water, and more.

Support refugee health and wellness.

Fleeing from home, refugees can be faced with harsh climate conditions or mental trauma as a result of war, violence, or other traumatic events. Charities are on the ground providing lifesaving healthcare and aid to millions of refugees living in refugee camps around the world. Other charities are providing refugees with medical care, mental health treatment, counselling, and other health services after they’ve settled in new communities.  

Help refugees access education by supporting these charities.

Access to education is essential to having a bright future in Canada. While fleeing from violence, war or persecution at home, refugees—many of which are children—do not have access to education. Canadian charities are providing refugees with access to education to pave the path to a future filled with opportunity.