Donate to charities supporting Indigenous women in Canada.

These charities are supporting and working with Indigenous women across Canada. Browse charities offering programs and services, access to education, and more.

Support women who are new to Canada.

Browse charities offering programs and services to immigrant women as they build a new life in Canada. These charities offer programs such as English language training, employment services, and more.

Give to these charities supporting women in the workforce.

These charities empower women in the workforce. They are helping women access the tools they need to secure employment, access training, and reach their full potential in the workplace.

Donate to these women’s charities providing legal aid.

Supporting women when they need it the most. Browse charities offering legal aid to women who have experienced violence, or in the criminal justice system.

Give to these charities supporting women in the arts.

These charities are supporting women who work in film, television, theatre, visual arts, publishing, and more. Donate to these charities supporting and celebrating women creating art.

Donate to women’s centres and charities helping women access community and educational programming, and women scholarships.

Browse charities who are empowering women by improving access to education and building a community around women in need.

Support women experiencing domestic abuse, sexual assault, and gender-based violence.

These charities provide counseling, crisis intervention, and protection to women experiencing violence.