Start Receiving Donations By Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the fastest and most convenient way for charities to receive donations.

How does EFT benefit my charity?

By signing up for EFT, your charity can receive donations straight into your bank account, securely and automatically on a weekly basis. It also helps save time and costs associated with mailing out paper cheques—remember: we’re a charity, too!

In addition, you’ll get access to donor information, so you can send a prompt Thank You and steward your donors.

To get started, sign up for a free CanadaHelps account and simply send your completed banking information form and a photo of a void cheque to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Two Ways to Register for EFT

Full Fundraising Account
Access the full suite of CanadaHelps’ leading fundraising solutions and more:

  • ✓ Customizable Donation Forms
  • ✓ Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising
  • ✓ Events Management
  • ✓ One-time, monthly, and security donations
  • ✓ Charity profile and branded tax receipts


Get EFT with a Full Fundraising Account

Charity Profile Account
Update your charity profile on and customize it with your logo, brand colours, and media.

  • ✓ Customizable profile
  • ✓ Branded tax receipts
  • ✓ One-time, monthly, and security donations


Get EFT with a Charity Profile Account