New P2P FAQ for Charity Admins:

What is the difference between a Charity P2P Fundraiser and a Third Party P2P Fundraiser?

The Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraising platform from CanadaHelps supports two types of P2P campaigns: Charity P2P and Third Party P2P.

  • The Charity P2P campaign type is the ideal choice when your charity is organizing a walk, swim, or other “thon” and you are inviting your supporters to participate in the event and actively fundraise asking for support from their friends and families.
  • The Third Party P2P campaign type is the ideal choice when a supporter contacts you interested to fundraise on behalf of your organization, or when you want to encourage your supporters to actively fundraise for your organization, but you do not want to organize a specific event.

The end user features, branding, customization and reporting are almost identical for Charity P2P and Third Party P2P campaign types. The key differences are:

  • Team-based fundraising: Charity P2P campaigns support team-based fundraising events whereas Third Party P2P campaigns do not.
  • Single Campaign themes: A Charity P2P is tied to one central campaign theme created by the charity.  Given it’s a singular campaign theme, the campaign header appears consistently on all campaign pages and emails.
  • Multiple Campaign themes: Third Party P2P campaigns can be personal to the individual fundraiser’s preference.  When you select the Third Party P2P campaign type, CanadaHelps will automatically surface a list of the most common reasons individuals fundraise for charity (e.g. birthday, wedding). As a Charity Admin, you can customize the list your supporters can choose from, for example, limiting it to birthdays only or building it out to include additional options.  Because the reasons for fundraising vary, the campaign header image only shows on the main Charity Level page. In all personal fundraising pages and emails, it is replaced by your charity’s logo and the name or person’s page.
  • Dates and goals: Charity P2P campaigns always have a start and end date and typically a campaign-wide fundraising goal. In contrast, a Third Party P2P campaign is designed to be available to your supporters year round and so date ranges are not enforced and fundraising goals are typically not enabled.

What is the difference between a Third Party P2P and Fundraise Now services from CanadaHelps?

Both the Third Party P2P available from the P2P area of your Charity Admin account and the Fundraise Now button and link available from the Donate Now area of your Charity Admin account allow individual supporters to create an online fundraising page in support of your charity. The key differences are:

  • When you use the Third Party P2P solution, you get access to an extensive array of branding, customization and reporting options provided; it’s your campaign, it does not reside on the main CanadaHelps website for Canadians, and your charity can easily control the look and feel and monitor use and performance of the pages. The fee charged is 4.9% of donations through the campaign—including the cost of credit card processing.
  • When you use the Fundraise Now button and link service, you can embed the Fundraise Now button on your site. When your supporters choose the button, they are directed to the CanadaHelps donor website and prompted to create a fundraising page. While your charity will be the benefitting charity for that fundraising page, you cannot control the look and feel of the service.  The fee charged is 3.5% of donations through the fundraising page—including the cost of credit card processing.