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Gifts of Securities Policy

(Last updated: August 15, 2019)

CanadaHelps only accepts publicly traded securities that are traded or exchanged on a public market in Canada or the United States. CanadaHelps does not accept shares in private corporations and stock options. Only pledges meeting minimum donation amounts ($200 for digital certificates, and $2000 for paper certificates) will be accepted.

CanadaHelps does not retain securities in our possession: brokers acting for CanadaHelps are instructed to sell all received securities immediately, or to sell the securities in as timely a manner as possible based on market liquidity.

CanadaHelps is not responsible or liable for fluctuations in the value of a security while in our possession.

CanadaHelps does not receive or act upon unsolicited instructions from third parties in terms of holding or selling securities.

Dividends accrued while a security is in the possession of CanadaHelps remain the property of CanadaHelps.

CanadaHelps reserves the right to refuse or return thinly-traded or unsellable securities, in our sole discretion.

Valuation of securities for tax receipt purposes will be determined by the closing bid price for the donated securities on the same day the securities are received in CanadaHelps’ accounts.