Happening the Tuesday right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two major days for commerce, GivingTuesday is a national day dedicated to giving! It’s a day when Canadian charities, businesses, and individuals come together for one simple purpose: to celebrate giving and give back. Join the movement! Let’s show our commitment to making our communities, country, and the world a better place.

Easily pledge online how you will participate; whether you plan on donating to a charity close to your heart, volunteer at a charity in your community, fundraise for a cause that matters to you, or spread the word about GivingTuesday with friends and family, pledge today to be involved in this charitable movement!

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Join the GivingTuesday movement. It’s easy with CanadaHelps!

Explore the many easy and fun ways you can give back this GivingTuesday.

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Donate to Any Canadian Charity

Search for the charity you want to support now. Or, browse a large selection of campaigns by charitable category to discover the specific needs of charities in your community, and what these charities are fundraising for this GivingTuesday.

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Give the Gift of Giving

Send personalized Charity Gift Cards to friends and family this GivingTuesday. You choose the value and receive the tax receipt. They learn about GivingTuesday and can choose a charity they’re passionate about to receive the funds.

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Fundraise for Charity

Create a GivingTuesday online fundraiser in minutes! It’s free and you can fundraise for one or more charities. Share the story of why they matter. Use these ready-to-go graphics to make a high impact page. Then, invite all of your friends and family to give.

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Get Creative

There are endless ways you can get involved in GivingTuesday. Find ideas for individuals and families, charities, businesses and more. The most important thing is that you get involved and let everyone know you joined the movement!

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However you choose to participate, be sure to spread the word!

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CanadaHelps and GIV3

CanadaHelps and GIV3 are the proud co-founders of the massively successful GivingTuesday Canada movement.


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