Create a CanadaHelps Campaign Page in Minutes and Get More Donors’ Eyes on Your Charity’s Work

Campaigns allow your charity to highlight and fundraise for a particular aspect of your mission that needs funding. With campaign pages, you can use words, pictures, suggested donation amounts, a fundraising goal, thermometer and more to inspire the hundreds of thousands of Canadians that visit to donate, and introduce them to your charity’s work.

        • Learn how to create a dynamic campaign page to highlight a specific fund or project. Set your start and end date, add a fundraising goal, photos and videos, and more. You’ll also learn how to add your campaign to the CanadaHelps Gift Guide. We’ll promote your campaign on the campaign-browsing page on CanadaHelps all year around!

3 Tips for Creating a Great Campaign Page for Your Charity

When choosing your campaign end date, keep in mind that we promote campaigns all year round to celebrate occasions like the holidays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
Include a high resolution main campaign image and at least 5 images in your media carousel for best results. The main image you upload will display on the campaign-browsing page for visitors. Make sure to choose one that draws people in and makes them want to click to learn more. If you do not include a main image, your charity’s logo will display instead.
If applicable, don’t forget to choose the most appropriate Category Type for your campaign, whether it be GivingTuesday, Charitable Gift Guide, etc. You’ll find this option in the “Campaign Info” section when setting up your campaign page.

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