More about the Israel-Hamas War

Violence is rapidly escalating across the Gaza strip, West Bank, and in Israel between Hamas and Israeli forces. As of Monday, October 24th thousands of innocent lives have been taken. There are also nearly 15,000 individuals wounded and currently being treated in hospitals and over 1.2 million people displaced from their homes. Your donations will be used to help charities on the ground deliver urgent humanitarian aid to impacted Israeli and Palestinian civilians, providing families with shelter, food, water, as well as on-going relief efforts and support. Your donation today can make a real and immediate difference for people caught in the crossfire. If you can, we urge you to give today.

CanadaHelps condemns any form of hate, discrimination and violence whether it is at home or abroad, and aims to support charities providing urgent humanitarian aid directly to Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

Your Donations Make a Difference

These organizations are working to provide immediate and on-going relief to people affected by the Israel-Hamas war.