Remind your supporters to donate and claim their charitable donations for this tax year!

According to CanadaHelps data, donations made between December 28th and 31st account for 9% of annual revenue for charities. This is a critical time to motivate your supporters to donate and help you reach your year-end fundraising goal.

Let your supporters know they can receive as much as 53% of their donation back through federal and provincial tax credits at tax time, depending on their province of residence.

In this Tax-Time Toolkit, you’ll get a helpful guide and over 40 ready-to-use graphics, including:

  • Tips to craft messaging as you encourage donors to give before the end of 2020.
  • How to leverage a conversational approach if you’re concerned about being too direct with your donors.
  • A chart breaking down charitable donation tax credit rates per province.
  • Header banners to feature in your email appeals to your supporters.
  • Circle badges and colourful ribbons to add to your social media images, website, and landing page.

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Tax Time Tool Kit