The Generosity Loop

A Positive Feedback Loop: To Fuel Well-being, Fuel Generosity

By forming generous habits in your daily life you can improve your own well-being, and most importantly, have a positive impact on those around you.


How Can You Practice Generosity Daily?

Living a generous life is an active commitment we can each make, regardless of our resources. Practicing generosity regularly builds a critical habit in our lives, which in turn enhances community. In our recent blog, we’ve compiled 14 accessible ways you can integrate generosity into your life and inspire others as well.



Discover Canadian Charities Fueling Generosity in our Communities


Explore More Ways To Give Back


Donate to a cause on Unite for Change

Unite for Change Cause Funds allow you to champion a movement instead of supporting a specific charity. Donations support a group of charities working towards the same cause like anti-racism, ending hunger, and more.

Set up a monthly gift

Support your favourite charity year-round. Reliable funding makes it easier for charities to plan ahead, and focus on long-term impact. In just a few clicks, you’ll be making a long-term difference with your automated gifts.

Send a charity gift card

Share the spirit of generosity on any occasion with a gift that gives back. Your recipient will feel great knowing they are making a difference when they donate their gift card to the charities of their choice.