CanadaHelps is a lot of things. We’re a charity. We’re an advocate for small and medium-sized charities throughout Canada. We’re a technology provider that creates easy and affordable ways for those charities to collect donations online.

But we’re also a group of people who work hard to realize our mission to increase charitable giving across the country. Meet our team!


Marina Glogovac
Pilar Albisu
Upeksha Amarasinghe
Magali Arsenault
Dina Bilenkis
Lizz Bryce
Shawn Bunsee
Andrea Costantini
Shannon Craig
Nicole Danesi
Al Dempsey
Julie Durocher
Nadya Eidelstein
Angela Kostenko
Ronny Lam
Jeffrey Lin
Jason Liw
Tessa Mintz
Alireza Moghadamzadeh
Paul Nazareth
Jacob O’Connor
Jet Pan
Brian Peltier
Joanne Perrier
Herlander Pinto
Sandra Radovanovic
Jahdiel Ryan
Yaurav Sachdeva
Mike Stairs
Krista Stewart
Andy Thomson
Jane Viernes
Cindy Younan