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CanadaHelps is a leading Canadian non-profit social enterprise. We have a wide array of solutions to help you promote charitable giving, and enhance your organizations overall charitable impact. Whether your organization is a non-profit or for-profit, working together, we can increase charitable giving in Canada turning any point of contact into an opportunity for social good.

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Integrate with CanadaHelps

  • Flexible Application Programming Interface (API): Your key to every registered charity in Canada.
  • Create a customized donation experience.
  • Count on CanadaHelps to process donations, issue tax receipts and/or disburse donations to charities.
  • Add charitable donations to your e-commerce check-out path or enable customers in your loyalty program to donate points to charity; the possibilities are endless.

Turnkey Giving Solutions

  • Charity Gift Cards: The perfect thank you gift or holiday retail item.
  • Custom Donation Pages: Running your own charity drive is easy; we do all the donation processing.
  • Sponsorship: Do good while promoting your brand. Sponsor an event, offer a donation match, etc.
  • Crisis Relief: Quickly mobilize help during humanitarian crisis.


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CanadaHelps at a Glance

  • We’re a charity: our non-commercial rate means giving dollars work harder.
  • Almost 2 million Canadians have given to charity using CanadaHelps.
  • Connected to every registered charity in Canada.
  • More than 19,000 charities rely on CanadaHelps for online fundraising.
  • Spotless 18 year record for secure payment processing and instant tax receipting.

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