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CanadaHelps plays a key role in the Canadian charitable sector. We work hard to provide small and medium size charities with online tools for donating and fundraising.

Today, CanadaHelps is almost exclusively a self-funded charitable foundation, with over 97% of our funding coming from the small fee deducted from donations made using CanadaHelps. With your additional support, we can do even more to better serve charities and donors, and ultimately increase charitable giving in Canada.

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What our Charity Partners are Saying:

The Snowsuit Fund

“Our organization is quite small — we simply do not have the resources to manage our own secure online donations. Through CanadaHelps, our online donations have increased by leaps and bounds every year. Not only does it provide safe and easy giving for our donors, we save on administrative costs as well.”
-Margaret Armour

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Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids

“CanadaHelps has given us an easy uncomplicated way for our supporters to make donations to us that would otherwise take a lot of staff hours to process. CanadaHelps is a trusted site that gives great credibility to our program.”
-Wendy Treschel

Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids Logo

Edmonton Food Bank

“CanadaHelps gives our donors a convenient and secure donation experience. And, staff at CanadaHelps respond to our questions or concerns in a timely manner. We love the new custom pages which have been a great addition to the website and it allows us to offer a more personal experience for our fundraising sponsors. As a fellow non-profit, CanadaHelps is a trusted partner helping us fulfill our mission.”
-Bridgette Toliver

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Hope’s Home

“CanadaHelps has been an incredible source of support for us. You’ve lent us credibility and allowed donors to feel safe and secure as they donate funds to our cause, and you’ve helped us participate in webinars and seminars that make us a better charity, and better people. Thank you CanadaHelps!”
-Stephanie Kohlruss

Hope's Home Logo

ABC Life Literacy Canada

“CanadaHelps has played a key role in attracting a wide range of donors and creating a safe environment for online giving.”
-Rina Khosla

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What CanadaHelps Donors are Saying:

“On behalf of my new husband and myself, we want to thank CanadaHelps for helping make our wedding so much more meaningful! As an older couple, in need of nothing, being able to direct guests to our Giving Page for donations to our charities was exactly how we wanted to celebrate. Thank you for this amazing service!”

– Cynthea, Etobicoke, ON

“Thank you for the work you do. I discovered CanadaHelps Charity Gift Cards a few years ago and I have had wonderful experiences giving them – I love seeing what charities friends and colleagues pick and many of them have gone on to use the cards themselves. Everyone loves the idea. I don’t think people realize with the charitable income tax credit just how inexpensive an option this is, not to mention so easy and stress-free.”

– Julie, Peterborough, ON

“CanadaHelps makes it so easy for me to give. I’ve used them for years on December 31st to get my last minute donations in before the tax deadline. This past year, I also set up monthly donations to two of my favourite charities. It was so easy and I love that I can still get one receipt for all my donations come tax time.”

– Monica, Abbotsford, BC

“When I found out that 12% of my child’s charity birthday party was going to the website rather than the charity we chose, I looked for other options. CanadaHelps has the best rates and in addition to using CanadaHelps for our family’s fundraising efforts we now do all of our giving through CanadaHelps. We like that they are a non-profit and the small amount they keep lets them help small charities.”

– Justin, Toronto, ON

“Being able to donate online is perfect for me. On several occasions, I’ve gone to a website of some organization a family member mentions, or one I’ve searched for on CanadaHelps or encountered elsewhere. Whether by forethought or on a whim, I’ve then filled out the donation form, typed in my memorized credit card number and clicked on Submit. Within seconds, I get an acknowledgement, and either then or at year end, an electronic receipt. In contrast, finding my chequebook, a pen, an envelope, the address and (the hardest part) a stamp, then getting the envelope into the mail, is a big production.”

– Gregory, Whitehorse, Yukon

“CanadaHelps is weaved into so much of my life. For my professional associations instead of a ‘gift to your favourite charity’ it has saved us staff time to just give the speaker a CanadaHelps charity gift card. Also, I’m on the board of a very small charity and we accepted our first online donations in our history thanks to CanadaHelps this year. Lastly my wife and I are coming up on a big wedding anniversary and with our personal fundraising page we can allow our family and friends several choices of charities to support instead of just one. CanadaHelps is my one-stop-shop for saving the world and saving me time!”

– Paul, Toronto, ON

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