Drive more donors through the giving journey.

Cover page with text 'Your Digital Donor Acquisition Funnel Checklist' A Donor Acquisition Funnel has two purposes: it lets you visualize your donors’ giving journey, and prepare for donor drop-off.

Building a strategy around the acquisition funnel stages means you can implement key tactics that support donors at every decision point. Ultimately, you’ll be able to usher more donors through your funnel, while reducing drop-off and increasing repeat donations.

Download our checklist and check off the tactics you need in order to:

  • Attract potential donors to your cause by driving awareness about your charity
  • Turn donors’ consideration into an intent to give with a fully optimized website
  • Make it easy to donate right on your website, by reducing friction, clicks, and confusion
  • Turn one-time donors into repeat donors with stewardship best practices

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