Fusion Canada

Registered Name: Fusion 3Sixteen Incorporated

Business Number: 819682246RR0001

Kairos Project

Fusion Canada and Taylor Seminary have entered into an exciting new partnership to create a system of theological education specifically formed around Fusion’s culture and process of mission able to serve the Fusion Movement here in Canada and around the world.

Kairos, is an innovative approach to theological education that surrounds the learner with a 3-person mentor team to guide the student through the educational journey directed largely by what God is doing in the student’s context and at the student’s pace and manner of learning.  By viewing the student through 3 lenses rather than just one, particular attention can be given to personal transformation and the vocational relevance of the learning, along with the more traditional attention to academic credibility. By situating the educational journey in the student’s context, student learning is immediately relevant to what God is already doing there.