Explore the many ways to give through CanadaHelps.

CanadaHelps makes giving simple. We are a one-stop shop for charitable giving and fundraising. In this section, explore all the ways you can give through CanadaHelps!

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Donate Securities and Mutual Funds
Give a Charity Gift Card
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Donate Now: Once or Monthly

In just a few minutes, you can make a difference supporting any Canadian charity.

Just find the charity’s page on our site and make the donation that fits your needs.

Donate once or schedule monthly donations to help both you and the charity plan ahead. If you’d like to dedicate your donation, we’ll even send an e-card to announce your gift. Pay for your donation using your credit card or PayPal™ account. We’ll e-mail your tax receipt right away and deliver your donation to the charity.

Nothing could be more simple … except maybe storing your tax receipts and favourite charities in your CanadaHelps account. That way, they’re always ready when you are.

The first step is finding the right charity. So get started.

Find Your Charity

Donate Cryptocurrency

You can make a meaningful difference with a cryptocurrency donation to your favourite charity. Donate bitcoin or ether to any of Canada’s 86,000 charities in just moments with one easy transaction.

It’s quick, easy, and secure. We sell your crypto quickly and provide you with a tax receipt for the fair market value. Plus, we buy carbon credits that are registered to offset the carbon emissions from the transaction.

Learn more about donating cryptocurrency

Donate Securities or Mutual Funds

Do you own securities or mutual funds that have increased in value since you bought them? Then making a direct donation of those shares is a more tax-efficient way to support your favourite charities.

A direct donation of your securities or mutual fund shares adds up to a larger donation to the charities you support. That’s really good news for them. It’s also good news for you because a larger donation means a larger charitable tax receipt and that makes a difference on your own tax return at the end of the year.

We’re pleased to be the first in Canada to offer direct donations of securities and mutual funds.

Learn More About Donate Securities or Mutual Funds

Donate Securities and Mutual Funds

Give a Charity Gift Card

Nothing feels quite as good as giving. Now it’s easy to share those good feelings with someone special.

A CanadaHelps Charity Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion: birthdays, graduations, weddings or at any time during the holiday season. You pick the amount and the design, and the recipient picks which charities to support.

We’ll deliver your card and personal message via e-mail, or you can print it out and deliver it yourself.

Share the gift of giving.

Give a Charity Gift Card

Fundraise for Charity

Want to do even more for that charity close to your heart? Then increase your impact by fundraising for an organization you support. We make it simple.

With a CanadaHelps Fundraising Page, you can bring your friends and family together to support any registered Canadian charity. You can even put together a list of all your favourite charities and let your supporters contribute to the ones they like best.

Collect pledges for a sporting event or walk-a-thon, make a group donation to mark an important birthday, or celebrate a wedding with charitable donations. We give you an easy way to turn any occasion into a fundraising event.

Start making an even bigger difference today.

Create a Fundraising Page

Looking for a Fundraising Page created by someone you know?

Search for a Friend’s Fundraiser

Support Humanitarian Crisis Relief

When people face devastating conditions, whether at home or abroad, it’s natural to want to help. That said, when situations emerge requiring emergency relief – whether a natural disaster, the result of escalation in conflict zones, or a health emergency – it can be challenging to assess where to direct your support for maximum impact. As part of our nonprofit mission to increase giving and support charities and donors, CanadaHelps provides a Crisis Relief Centre. It’s a go-to destination for giving during humanitarian disasters that provides access to the latest news and a trusted list of registered Canadian charities – large and small – providing relief. Quickly identify the type of relief each charity is providing, select the effort you most want to support, and easily and securely donate online in confidence that your gift is going to the right place.

Visit the Crisis Relief Centre

Explore Charitable Gifts

Browse our extensive catalogue of charitable gift ideas that match your budget, and discover tangible ways charities can use your gift to make a real difference. Whether you choose to give a gift yourself or dedicate it to a loved one by sending a free eCard, you’ll feel good giving knowing the impact your donation will have. And, if you’re dedicating your gift, you can share the details on how the charity will use the gift in your personal message.

Explore More Charitable Gifts

Explore Charitable Gifts

Make Change with Spare Change

To make it even easier to fit giving into your life, we’ve teamed up with Moka to give Canadians a new way to support the charities they care about!

When you sign up for the Moka app, they’ll round up every purchase you make and donate the spare change to the charity of your choice, all powered by CanadaHelps!

Learn More About Spare Change