Registered Name: Alternatives, réseau d'action et de communication pour le développement internat

Business Number: 141169086RR0001

Our Mission

Alternatives is an organization that works for solidarity, justice, and equity the world over. Our aim is to help the networking, building, and promoting of innovative initiatives in popular and social movements that are fighting for economic, social, political, cultural and environmental rights.

Alternatives wants to strengthen citizen action and reinforce the contribution of social movements in the construction of sustainable societies.

Alternatives has projects with partners in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and also in Canada.


We channel our efforts into 4 areas: democracy, peace and citizenship; social justice movements; media, Information and Communications Technologies as well as social ecology. We also inform Canadians about national and international issues. We succeed in doing so through: our website, Alternatives' newspaper (free newspaper), our participation to Social Forums and coalitions, organisation of conferences and debates.

Coutries in which we have projects

Democracy, peace and citizenship:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Haiti, Cuba, Niger, Morocco, Democratic Republic of the du Congo (DRC), Canada - Immigration Program

Social justice movements:

Brazil, Argentina, Sudan, DRC, Niger, South Africa, Canada - Coalitions

Media, Information and Communications Technologies:

Arab World, DRC, Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Canada - Internship Program

Social ecology:

Cuba, Pakistan, Indonesia, Haiti, Canada - Rooftop Garden Project

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