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Kevin Watson needs your help ...

Registered Name: Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer

Business No: 805883600RR0001

Kevin Watson needs your help ...

Thanks for clicking through to learn more. My goal is to help improve education and knowledge at least through my network of friends and colleagues. As I have said, “If this disease can strike me, then it can also affect you”. Once again, I would encourage you to be proactive in requesting testing from your family Doctor as a matter of course, the next time you go in for a check up. This will involve a DRE (Digital rectal Exam) or a blood test- PSA.

My second purpose in disclosing my diagnosis is to do something positive. That is help raise some $$ to help contribute to those scientists who work tirelessly on the science that will help to;

  • Find the Cause
  • Find the Cure

The Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer was established by Don Konantz from Vancouver. His goal is to raise a dollar and donate a dollar. That is to say every dollar that is raised goes directly to scientific research without attracting any overhead. That from my standpoint is a compelling reason to evaluate this charity and consider making a donation.

Thanks for your support.