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Registered Name: Proset Autism / Autisme proset

Business Number: 819868530RR0001

Proset Autism Adaptive Sports program is designed to offer service to both children and teens/ adults with Special Needs.

The sports program combines a specially developed sport coaching method which integrates seamlessly with the needs of children with autism eg, ADHD, Asperger or PDD-NOS, ADD, Global Developmental Delay.

The program is aimed at:

  • creating positive sports experience
  • the development of motor skills and body awareness
  • improving sports skills
  • the strengthening of self-confidence and social skills
  • to strengthen concentration and perseverance
  • the program is known to have a therapeutic effect on the children

Playing sports at your own level contributes to the growth of children on and off the playing field!

Proset Autism's sports program supports not only the skills of children during exercise.

Awareness of their own potential and self-confidence contributes to the successful development of any child, also outside the sports field the learned skills have been proven to be beneficial.

What People Are Saying

"..Unlike other sport programs that Q has joined, this one was developed for children who have special needs, just like him... In other programs, M would have to shadow her son during the activities, and he would have trouble keeping up with kids who didn’t have special needs.. "

— Montreal Families, Read More

"..I wanted to let you know how much the personalized approach and the overall program has contributed to improve my son's coordination, social skills, strength and concentration while participating in a fun and friendly class.."

— Audrey Livernois

"..This has been the 1st program we've found with the quality of individual instruction and all the added benefits of group interaction. As both the mother of a child with ASD, and a professional working with people with neurological challenges, I can confidently say this is a valuable program."

— Christine Pascual, Interactive Metronome Provider

"The English Montreal School Board is the first school board to offer the Proset Autism Progam to its special needs looks like any fun tennis related afterschool activity. The only difference is the amount of attention being paid to each student."

— English Montreal School Board, Read More

"Q. enjoys playing in all the different games you organize and loves hitting the balls! He's learned a lot in the 2 sessions he's been in. Looking forward to continue seeing him progress not only in his tennis skills but also his abilities to communicate and play with the other kids. Great work!"

— Michelle Martin

"We registered our 7 year old to the program to improve his gross motor skill. It turns out not only doing so, but with lots of fun that keeps my son coming again and again...My son now loves the sport so much and start learning more about tennis by himself."

— Matthew

"I see a definite improvement in C. hand/eye coordination. He is always so happy and exited to attend the sessions without any resistance. ... I believe the program really suits every child’s need, however the challenges. I would certainly recommend this program."

— Darren

"Must say William had a blast learning the game and playing tennis with you this summer in Ste Anne! He's really looking forward to teaming up with a friend to continue playing this fall. Great fun, great excercise! Thank you!!"

— Joanne Kyriacou

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